This section is designed to help teachers, parents and professionals identify and manage school-aged children who are demonstrating movement problems typical of children with Dyspraxia and offers appropriate resources to help.

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How DCD / Dyspraxia Affects Learning

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" took me so long to learn to walk in high heels it was a joke.”

Cara Delevingne

Model and Actor

Picture of Cara Delevingne
“Do not let it stop you. It has never held me back and some of the smartest people I know are people who have learning disabilities."

Daniel Radcliffe


Picture of Daniel Radcliffe
“I was struggling, but stuff like this wasn’t on the agenda when I was at school. Really it was a way of saying, ‘I can’t do this and I don’t know why'.”

Emma Lewell-Buck


Picture of Emma Lewell-Buck
“You can do anything as a dypraxic. I think it actually makes you quite special.”

Jamie Lambert


Picture of Jamie Lambert