Sensory Based Strategies

Sensory based strategies to support participation in activities

‘Deep Pressure’ Methods

Methods to help children and young people regulate their responses to sensory stimulus

Additional Resources

A list of books, films, websites and other resources for parents or children and young people with autism

Hands on Communication Skills

A multi-sensory activity programme for nursery aged children

Hands on Literacy

A multi-sensory activity programme for Early Years

Understanding Sensory Processing Difficulties

Information for Schools and Teacher’s Sensory Processing Difficulties

Classroom and Playground

Support for children with Autism spectrum disorders

Combined SpLD Checklist: Primary Level (ages 6 – 11)

Combined SpLD Checklist: Secondary Level (ages 12 – 16)

Making Friendships Work

Supporting for children with Autism in the classroom

Toilet Training for children with Autism

Six Tips to Cope With Anxiety

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

A brief fact sheet on Autism

Swimming Leaflet

Helping Pupils with Autism enjoy Swimming

Signs of Autism in Children

A link to ASDinfoWales